inspiration // Wild Horses

We are dreaming and scheming for a really fun styled shoot next week - I can't wait to see how it all comes together! Here's the moodboard we created - lots of natural textures and tones, macrame, and yes... THERE WILL BE REAL HORSES. (I can hardly contain myself!)


Back at it.

I have a confession to make.

I have steered clear of this blog for over two years (!!!) because it terrified and overwhelmed me. What?? Blogging? Come on.

No, I know. It's ridiculous.

But sometimes being a perfectionist means that you freak out and run from things if you feel like you can't perfect them. Blogging is one of those things for me. I set out to post every single day, to create tutorials and inspiration boards and advice and all kinds of stuff. But I would miss a day, and miss another, and all of a sudden a week is going by. And I would finally start writing a post that always seemed to start with, "Sorry for the long delay." Ugh! Who wants to start every post with an apology? And then I would justify my blog avoidance with, "I'm not a wedding blogger anyway, I'm a wedding designer! Of course real work for real clients is going to come before a silly blog. Who knows if anyone is even reading it." (Reality check - there were 16k of you who viewed it last year. Found that number when I logged in yesterday for the first time in forever. So... oops! Hello!) I figured I'd come back to it in a bit.

Eventually so much time went by that I thought, 'There's no way I can go back to it now, look how much time has passed! I'd have to delete everything and start from scratch. It's so embarrassing.' So instead, I removed the link from my website and pretended it didn't exist.

Fast forward a few years to this last week, when I finally confessed my blog fear to my vendor friend (#friendor) Emily of Repose Events. She talked some much needed sense into me and convinced me that I don't need to wait for something to be perfect before I do it. (Something my dear friend Amanda of Paper Heart Patisserie has been telling me, too. I truly do have the best friends.)

Friends let friends throw confetti in the air like they just don't care. [Photo cred: Sofia Daniels for  Milou + Olin Photography]
Duh. That should be obvious. Buuut... I sure did need to hear it. She helped me set some super attainable goals, and she's promised to very lovingly bug me to follow through. I spent some time today adjusting and updating it, and now here we are - my first post back! (Side note: When I told my husband I was working on my blog, he said, "You have a blog??" That's an obvious bad sign.)

So thank you for reading. Thank you for being patient with me. And thank you in advance for coming back again soon. :) (Because what is the point of a blog if no one is following along?)

In the meantime, check out some festive Valentine's Day goodness that we've been collecting on Pinterest! It is our favorite holiday, after all.

xo Brigitte

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The Psychology of Color

I'm a sucker for a good infographic. I also LOVELOVELOVE color. (Have you checked out ColourLovers yet?!) So I knew I just had to share this. It's great for choosing paint colors for your home, but I think it also directly relates to choosing your wedding color palette, don't you?

Psychology of Color [Infographic]
Courtesy of NowSourcing, Inc


Tuesday Tutorials: DIY Cakestands

I think any party can be kicked up about 10 notches with a beautiful, styled dessert display. They are really striking and also... really easy! There are so many inspiring photos that I've found on Pinterest of ways that people have really dressed up their desserts... I can't help but share some of my favorites!

Adorable dessert bar by My Sweet and Saucy Shop, featured on Inspired By This

"Sugar Coma" dessert display by Hey There, Cupcake!, featured on Ruffled
P.S. Make sure to check out the names of the desserts!

So now, onto the tutorial. :)

I just went thrift shopping a few days ago for a wedding in August. I found SO MANY amazing vintage glass and crystal pieces that are perfect for the dessert table I'm putting together for them! Seriously, I needed two guys to come and help me bring all these things down the stairs to purchase them - and we each made multiple trips. I think the total cost of all the glass ended up being something like... $35 dollars? Ridiculous.

A little sneak peek at a few of the pieces I picked up...

The key is to get two types of pieces: 1. large platters/plates/bowls and 2. sturdy vases... the more interesting of a texture the better. Occasionally I will find a really interesting piece, like the giant goblet pictured on the left under the platter (it's upside down) - in these cases I buy them, even if I don't know how I'll use them yet. There will ALWAYS be a way. :)

It's seriously this simple: 
1. Wash all your pieces well, and turn over. Let dry thoroughly.
2. Arrange the pieces however you like. (I try to create lots of variety in heights - it will give the display more dimension and style.)
3. Squeeze your super extra strong multi-surface glue (I like to use Beacon 527 - its waterproof, dries quick, and most importantly dries clear!) anywhere around the base of your vase (stand) that will touch the platter or bowl you'll be putting on top. Be generous.
4. Very carefully place the top piece just right. Let dry. (It will dry in 2 hours, but will have max strength after 24 hours - so if you'll be transporting your cakestands anywhere, make sure you give them the full day.)

Not going for the crystal look? No problem! After your pieces have dried completely, spray them with a light coat of spray paint primer, give 'em about an hour, and then spray paint them whatever color you like. (Try white for that 'milkglass' effect!)

Gorgeous! You now have a one of a kind cake stand!

Not up for the DIY element, but love the look? Check out this post from Junebug weddings about where to purchase the sweetest cakestands.... no pun intended. :) (The first source happens to be the same talented lady behind the first photo in this post! Not only is she a super talented baker, but she also has an awesome online store called Sweet and Saucy Supply, full of gorgeous pieces I can't help but drool over.)

And even better still? These look amazing around your home! I have one in our kitchen that holds fruit, and not only does it look pretty but it reminds my husband and I to eat fruit more often. Win win!


Wedspiration - Rosy Posy

Spring is definitely in the air! It's still a little chilly around here (in Southern California... really strange, actually... or maybe 65 degrees isn't that chilly?), but that fun feeling of flowers blooming and the sun shining is coming around anyway. :) And as you're about to see, Spring doesn't have to mean the same cliche pastel colors. In my own personal opinion, Spring is about soft blushes AND bright pops of color like coral and poppy. Don't you agree?

Today's Wedspiration is called Rosy Posy, and is all about the cheerful bright colors and soft romantic petals that the name suggests and the season brings. Enjoy!

I was first inspired by this drop dead gorgeous centerpiece filled with bright bursting peonies and almost blue succulents. So pretty! Isn't it crazy what colors you can find in nature? (image source unknown*.... grr Tumblr)

Clockwise from top left:
Badgley Mischka sandal;
Taylor Swift looking "Wonderstruck" in a dreamy, fluffly, ruffly dress;
gorgeous Tessa Kim feather headpiece and bright pop of lipcolor;
fresh blooms playfully placed in a messy updo
Clockwise from top left:
an adorable couple shot by Lilia Photography;
how sweet is this bud-bedecked cake? by the Caketress;
sweet rosebud earrings;
fabulous table settings by Beth Helmstetter;
an adorable fabric flower garland, with DIY tutorial!
custom embosser is the perfect way to add your return address;
lovelovelove these modern invites with a rustic edge, also by BHE

Clockwise from left:
Such a sweet and petal-tastic dress for the 'maids;
how awesome are these ombre nails?
an adorable flowergirl all decked out in pink fluffy feathers! 
Clockwise from top left:
Cute custom confetti packs attached to programs for tossing post ceremony via Martha Stewart;
Guestbook alternative - board of mini envelopes and note cards;
more glorious florals and decor from Beth Helmstetter;
giant flower aisle decor makes your ceremony into an instant garden;
hanging flowers in glass bulbs;
"Love in Bloom" flower seed packets for wedding favors (source unknown*)
Are you inspired? Are you feeling Spring? I have lots more inspiration on Pinterest to get you into the spirit!

* I hope you know how much I dislike having to say that I cannot find the original source. If I say that, it means I've clicked through links, scrolled through sites, and basically just searched and searched and found nothing. Ugh. Someone worked hard to make that picture as pretty and awesome as it is! I love to give credit where credit is due. 

Someday soon I am going to write a post about how to use Pinterest the RIGHT way. Since, you know, the point is that we can see the picture, click on it, and go to the source! Be on the lookout... it's coming.